Forms of assistance

I offer diverse forms of assistance in the field of sports psychology and business psychology.

Psychological consultation – aim is to better understand ourselves and define your problem. Do you want to better communicate with loved ones? Do you want to learn effective techniques to cope with stress? Having symptoms of burnout? Do you suffer from a sleep disorder? This form of the meeting is for you.
Price: 200 zł/50 min
Mental training for athletes – how to reach first goals in the discipline cultivated with the help of a psychologist. Training is focused at mobilization of cognitive resources through player ie.: relaxation, imaginative techniques, working with the breath. Training is improving concentration, memory, alertness, and also allows you to change beliefs and strengthen self-esteem. Improvement of cognitive function athlete helps you cope with stress during the competition, stimulates learning new skills and techniques of playing, supports the process of achieving the objective.
Starting @ 200 zł/60 min
There is also a possibility of conducting psychological training dedicated for football teams.
Price is set individually.
Workshops – a unique opportunity to acquire and develop useful work and interpersonal skills personal. Suggested topics: techniques for coping with stress, improve communication skills, creativity at work, time management and setting targets, techniques, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence in practice, etc. Price is determined depending on the subject, the number of participants and workshop space.